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Bitgrail: A Lesson To Be Learned

The cryptocurrency market is still very much the wild wild west… Nano, Bitgrail, why do we care? Bitgrail, the Italian cryptocurrency exchange, got hacked last week. Or at least that’s when they decided to announce the news, but Reddit and the online crypto community are at large with accusations. Reportedly, $195 Million worth of customer’s cryptocurrency was stolen (full disclosure: I am one of those customers). $195 Million. There was a time when that would have absolutely tanked the cryptocurrency market but today it stands as but a footnote in the crypto space. Afterall, it is only a month...

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Tether Dissolves Relationship With Auditor Friedman LLP

A Tether Limited spokesperson made a statement today indicating that the organization has “dissolved” their relationship with auditor Friedman LLP, the same company which was tasked with auditing Tether’s books in order to provide public transparency to validate the mechanisms of the Tether coin. Based on the Mastercoin Protocol, Tether is a cryptocurrency with a relatively controversial history. The goal of the Tether platform is to act as a mechanism to help negate the inherent volatility of the crypto market with claims that the each unit of Tether is the equivalent to 1 USD. These claims made by the...

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Coincheck Hack is Mt. Gox 2.0

Coincheck, a Tokyo-based crypto exchange, announced on their website today that certain anomalies resulting from an event occurrence resulted in the loss of $533 million dollars (58 billion yen) when 500 million NEM tokens disappeared in what’s being regarded as the biggest hack ever. Despite the magnitude of this event, Coincheck doesn’t show any signs which indicate a plan on shutting down. This startling loss dwarfs Mt. Gox’s estimated loss of $340 million in 2014, however, the Coincheck attack won’t impact the market as severely as the one at Mt. Gox, which controlled 70% of all Bitcoin transactions worldwide....

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CME Futures Settle At $10,925

The first round of CME Bitcoin futures expiring 4:00 PM (UTC) today, testing weak hands and marking the end of January’s sideways trading as the BTC price struggles to break the $12,000 mark. If CME Bitcoin futures settling at a price of $10,925 is any indication of what we can expect, one thing is for certain – this is going to be a bumpy ride. As new players in the crypto market panic in fear of Wall Street price manipulation, others are expecting a huge bull run. The $BTC bull run is upon us. We’ll see steady growth up until 11am...

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Free Crypto Trading With Robin Hood

In effort to appeal to the tech savvy millennial demographic, Robin Hood, the stock trading mobile app, announced the addition of cryptocurrency to their trading platform. Users can now track the market of 16 cryptocurrencies—which also include the likes of Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple—and to read crypto news and set price alerts. The platform will go live next month and users can register for early access here. Right now, this early registration list consists of 423,638 people. Introducing Robinhood Crypto. Invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies commission-free on the Robinhood platform, 24/7. #DontSleep. Get early access —...

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