Author: Eric Lim

Bitgrail: A Lesson To Be Learned

The cryptocurrency market is still very much the wild wild west… Nano, Bitgrail, why do we care? Bitgrail, the Italian cryptocurrency exchange, got hacked last week. Or at least that’s when they decided to announce the news, but Reddit and the online crypto community are at large with accusations. Reportedly, $195 Million worth of customer’s cryptocurrency was stolen (full disclosure: I am one of those customers). $195 Million. There was a time when that would have absolutely tanked the cryptocurrency market but today it stands as but a footnote in the crypto space. Afterall, it is only a month...

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ICON (ICX) Explained

This article is the first of a series, Blockchain for the Layman. A series dedicated to introducing various alternate coins and providing an easy-to-understand introduction for their technical makeup and background. A common scenario You walk out of your classroom or office space and hear two dudes in passionate conversation… Dude 1: “I’ve made 600% in the last week with SHITCOIN, SHITCOIN’s SHITCHAIN technology will dethrone all the other coins out there and take me to the moon. I fully expect to be a millionaire by next month.” Dude 2: “That’s cute, I remember when I had my first...

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